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Hints & Tips on Moving House

When packing up your small items, use suitable boxes that are strong (double wall boxes) and large enough not to become too heavy when filled but allow you to maximise the space inside the box. Old fruit and vegetable boxes will not offer the appropriate protection and will hinder the stacking of the truck.

NEVER make the boxes so heavy that they cannot be lifted safely. 
Make sure that you tape the bottom and the top of all your boxes. Don't just fold the flaps of the box in a criss-cross way; this would cause the box to deform and bottom to collapse when filled with heavy objects. 
Keep items that you may need with you separate: Passports, driving licenses, jewelry etc. 
Ensure electrical appliances / light fittings are disconnected, and fridge / freezers empty and defrosted. Drain lawnmowers and other items likely to leak. 
Use a marker pen to label where boxes are to be unloaded and their contents. 
Always stack plates upright on their sides, making sure you wrap them individually in paper, bubblewrap or tissue. If you find the contents are loose in the box, scrunch up balls of packing paper and use as padding to keep items in place. 
Have an 'essentials box' and fill with items you might need quickly such as: Kettle, mugs, tea, coffee, milk sugar, toilet rolls, snacks and soft drink. Keep this handy both at your old home and your new one! 
Pack heavier items at the bottom of the carton, lighter items at the top. Pack cartons as fully as possible, being generous with packing materials. 
If cartons contain fragile items, please mark appropriately.
Clothing and linen can remain in drawers. However, paperwork, breakables, trinkets, spillable and heavy items must be removed and packed separately.  
Hanging clothes can be left in your wardrobe until the removal day when they will be transferred to a wardrobe carton to ensure they arrive crease free.
Bundle and tie or tape loose items, such as brooms, shelving, garden tools etc.  
Giving each family member an age-appropriate responsibility can help make them feel more involved, take their mind off the fact that they are leaving friends and familiar things behind.  
Don't forget to defrost your fridge and freezer in plenty of time for moving day.  
If you can ask someone to look after children and pets on moving day if not involve them in a job, or find them something to keep them amused. Tell the children what is happening, and include them in the process (even the home selection) as much as possible. If the kids are happy and they feel included in the decision making process, they will "take ownership" of their new home and the transition will be much easier for everyone.  
If you want your furniture placed in rooms at the new house, draw up a plan of where you want things to go. This will save you time on moving day.
Let us know if there are parking restrictions at either address so we can make arrangements. 
Take down fitted items that are coming with you i.e. shelves, light fixtures, mirrors, clocks and pictures.
Don't forget to notify your utility companies of your move. lets you notify many companies all in one go. Arrange professional disconnection of gas cookers or any appliances you are taking with you.
Charge your mobile phone!  
When the van is loaded take a walk around your house with the team leader to ensure you have everything you are taking with you.

Try and avoid moving on a Friday! Although it's the preferred day for moving there are often delays in exchanging contracts or monetary transactions which can mean you will have to wait until Monday to sort them out - this may mean additional charges for weekend storage.

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