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Cooks storage company offers a range of storage options for both personal and business customers. 

When storage is required for your house move we bring our storage containers to your home, wrap the contents and write an inventory. The containers are sealed and transported back to our warehouse where they are fork-lifted off and stored reducing the need for handling for increased security. We operate a number of secure storage warehouses throughout the South East of England for storage of household and commercial furniture and effects.

Self storage options

DIY Self Storage - you can bring your household effects directly to our self store facility in Cranleigh - we will then position the storage units directly at the back of your vehicle. This has a great advantage over lock-up self-store rooms since there are no long carries down corridors, so unloading is really quick.


Mobile self storage - no need to hire a van - we bring our self-store units to your home. For a nominal transportation fee, we can position our storage units right outside your front door, ready for you to load at leisure, available both weekdays or weekends.

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When should I use a storage company?

Whether undertaking minor interior redecoration or major rebuilding works, life can become so much easier if you remove furniture and ornaments from the areas affected and put into to self-store facilities. This not only gives you space to continue living, but also ensures your effects avoid getting damaged by dust and dirt created by the refurbishment project.

There is nothing more chaotic and stressful than trying to move stuff from a big house to a small house. You might end up paying to move things you don't need and clogging up the rooms in your new house. Get ahead of the game and declutter your house prior to the move. If you can’t declutter beforehand, simply deliver any overflow after your move to our self store warehouse and sort it out later.

Are you are being posted overseas for a work assignment? Are you thinking of an initial look/see period overseas to assess the viability of permanent relocation?  In either situation, our storage facility can keep your household items dry and safe until your return to the UK or decide to move overseas permanently.

There can be so many parties involved in the buying and selling house chain that agreeing dates can become problematical and risk jeopardising the transactions. If dates don't match don't worry- the  Cooks self storage facility in Cranleigh can help transition the gap in dates thereby keep the deal in place.

Houses that are furnished in minimalistic way are more likely to achieve higher sale values, and sell more quickly, than those that are heavily stocked with furniture and ornaments. Improve your chances of a quick move with higher values by decluttering your home and making use of our self-storage facilities until your home is sold.

If you are the executor of an estate, our self storage units are the perfect solution to consolidate effects of a deceased person, ready for subsequent distribution to auction houses or heirs to the estate.

If you find yourself needing an emergency clearance of effects from your home due to floor or fire damage, Cooks self store can be a convenient and quick solution to get the affected areas of the house emptied.

If you are renting out a property, you can move effects in or out of storage according to the furnishing needs of the incoming tenant.

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